Thursday, September 14, 2017

2 Years Later...

The shy little caterpillar grew and grew.
And then one day she turned two...

The productivity over the last two years cannot be underestimated. Creating invitations (which is always pure joy) inevitably led to actual parties.  And so the years were tangibly celebrated, though a continuation of such calendar accuracy should not be expected.

Now the coffee shop lifestyle is back bringing hope of forthcoming projects.  Cobbling together sentences with words that are scattered every which way seems daunting, but those words are as beautiful as ever and calling for someone to tidy them up.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When a month is a lifetime…

The cartoon caterpillar joined us the first week of August - surprising everyone with her early arrival. I love that her birth date (8-7-15) is a balanced equation -  although to remember her birthday I do have to make sure August is converted to the numerical month in my mind before knowing with certainty the day is correct.

We have all survived the first month.  People keep telling us to hang in there and it gets better, and I can see the cute caterpillar nodding wisely and determining to be patient with us for a little bit longer.  I find myself thanking her before wondering, “Wait, weren’t they talking to me?”  However, along with almost all of our other emotions, she has successfully stolen our sympathy – Life can be hard work!  

The rocking, walking, shushing, and singing has made one of us permanently sleepy, but it has had minimal effect for the one it was intended.  However, the caterpillar enjoyed a refreshing nap on the beach lulled by the ocean waves without the well-meaning but useless parental provided sleep aides.

Everything is a first – her first chuckle/snort happened when Phin and I first tried to sing a lullaby – we now just lip sync to youtube videos at bedtime.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Confessions

-        I am still wearing my regular clothes one week from my due date – this is not an indication of how little I am, because people are now moving to the grass when they see me walking down the sidewalk.  Instead it is making me re-think my fashion sense, and wondering if I need a wardrobe makeover.

-        Speaking of maternity wear – why is all the emphasis on clothes?  Shoes were/are a much bigger problem.  I now know the image of “barefoot and pregnant” is iconic not just to illustrate social economics, but because shoes become unwearable.  (Crocs in 3 sizes too big = perfect maternity shoe)

-        My sister left a TUB of spanish candy in the cupboard and sadly I ate it all (I won’t divulge how many hours/days it took me).  I would like to blame this on my side-kicker, but alas, my weakness for sweets and capacity to consume in bulk has been well established.  (I wish I could forget the incident of the 2004 orange/chocolate cake, but it is too delicious)

-        9 months is a long time to wait (pretending to be a kangaroo made it a little more tolerable until I lost the hop in my step)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Artistic Differences

Collaboration – a word with varied connotations, yet usually a positive experience in the art world.  At the very least, my last few encounters have opened my eyes to new directions and possibilities for expression.

1.  Recently, we were at the beach with some friends.  One of the younger friends was helping me make a sand sculpture, and it was only when I added eyes to the top of the head that we realized a difference in our vision.  I was making a sand dragon, while he was making a battle rampart filled with munitions.  Adjustments were made to how the tail was designed, and by the end of the day we were both happy with the results.  (Explanations on the physical features of the sculpture were vastly different depending on who was giving the tour of our creature/engineered wall.)

2.  The second encounter also included a sculpting medium, though this time using play-dough.  I was asked to create a Minnie Mouse.  My sculpting skills are not great, but using the patented three circle design (and no – I did not obtain a license for this use), I elaborated a little with the bowtie and high heeled shoes.  My 3-D character was greeted with ecstatic shouts of glee before being flattened by tiny fists.  We called the finalized piece “Minnie in Distress”, and I think it says much about the fall of Disney before its own collaboration with Pixar. 

3.  I am not much for using the oven, but I do love to decorate with candy so sometimes baking is a necessary evil.  This time I had a small helper (complete with her own apron) who seems to thrive on baking cakes.  Little did I realize our differences in baking philosophies.  While I was merely creating a blank canvas for candy embellishments, she was creating a tasty snack that should be eaten the minute it had partially cooled down.  I’m now wondering, if the intent is to eat the actual cake, should I have used a cake mix that had not expired a year ago?  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Bump Day

There has been a clamor for baby bump pictures, and not everyone is convinced that my 3yr old niece can re-create the look with her crayon drawings.  In an attempt to be more realistic, I recently did a photo shoot.  Like all good photo shoots, I photo-shopped the results (using an archaic paint program).  Though my lipstick came out looking ridiculous, I think the rest turned out pretty well.  (And yes, I did down-size my feet for this look because I did not want to alarm anyone with the elephant toes I have going on.)

However, let me first show you my assistant.  I found this creature online, and he is an expert at styling bumps and humps of all sizes...

I copied his fashionable yellow jump suit, skipped the tail, and used my almost natural shaggy mane:)  Here is what 37 weeks looks like...